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well, this is my first post. weeee. This blog is really just a place for me to keep notes, documentation, links, etc.

Solution for: The Twelve Days of Christmas Packet Challenge

I wrote a perl script to decode (base64) tcp payloads from a pcap file.

$ cat bin/tcp_base64_decode.pl


# Reads pcap file, decodes base64 tcp payload.
# prints sequence number and decoded data.
# syndrowm 2007-02-05

require Net::Pcap;
require NetPacket::Ethernet;
require NetPacket::IP;
require NetPacket::TCP;
require MIME::Base64;

use Net::Pcap;
use NetPacket::Ethernet qw(:strip);
use NetPacket::IP qw(:strip);
use NetPacket::TCP;
use MIME::Base64;

sub usage {
die "usage: $0 filename\n"

sub process_packet {
my($user_data, $header, $packet) = @_;
my $tcp_obj = NetPacket::TCP->decode(ip_strip(eth_strip($packet)));
$data = MIME::Base64::decode($tcp_obj->{data});
print "$tcp_obj->{seqnum} : $data\n";

if ($ARGV[0] eq ""){

$dump = $ARGV[0];

# Open file
$pcap = Net::Pcap::open_offline($dump, \$err)
or die "Can't read '$dump': $err\n";

# loop over the packets, calling proccess_packet function
Net::Pcap::loop($pcap, 0, \&process_packet, "12 packets for me");

# close the file

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